Thursday, September 24, 2009


This is the 2nd McFarlane campout.

Audrey hanging out with Daddy around the campfire.

Audrey fell asleep with Grandma.

Audrey hanging out with the fam.

Audrey woke up in a good mood that morning. She's just chillin' with Uncle Brian.

Audrey hanging out with Auntie Marie.

Audrey fell asleep around the campfire. This was the only available spot to lay her.

Audrey with Daddy in the river. Mommy told Daddy to be very, very, very careful. He was.

Audrey with Mommy. She's getting so strong. She stands very well.

Hanging out while Grandpa is making breakfast. Breakfast for Mommy and Daddy. Audrey already had her breakfast.

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