Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trip Down South

This past weekend Audrey and Nicole went with Grandma Kaye and Auntie Kirsten to visit the family on the Rez. We were able to hang out with the family and play some Boggle and Yahtzee. (Major forms of bonding in the middle of nowhere). Nicole was able to reconnect with a couple old friends, which meant a lot. Audrey and Nicole got sick on the trip so it was a little shorter than originally planned. We're still glad we went.
Cheeeeeese!!!! (The happy mood only lasted for about an hour and a half of the 8 hour drive)
Audrey waiting for the doctor at the hospital. We had a little scare while she was crying, but she's totally fine. She just had a bigger temper tantrum than normal.

Hangin' out waiting for the cookout to begin.

Saying good-bye to her chei, Grandpa Jimmie.

Great photo-op with Nicole's Nali Elizabeth.

I'm so glad we were able to get this shot of my dad and both his kids and his granddaughter. He looked good and it was nice to see him.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Audrey's first birthday!

This past Friday, Audrey turned 1 year old, so natch, we had a humongous party on Saturday. Here are a few pics we took. We invited some of her little friends and all the available family and it turned out wonderfully. We're so grateful to everyone that helped with the party and came to celebrate with us!
Auntie Marie and Auntie Kirsten helped pick out the decorations and Mommy and Auntie Kirsten decorated.

The pink and white lion cake. Mommy is very very proud of this cake. It took two hours of straight decorating to get the cupcakes and cake all decorated. It was worth the effort, but I don't think we can do something quite so fancy every year....

Audrey opening her present from Mommy and Daddy. They were very very cute little shoes.

Playing peek-a-boo on Grandma's lap.

Mommy looking much less frazzled than she feels.
It turned out great. Audrey didn't have fun with the cupcake we gave her so we took it away pretty quickly. She loved opening presents, though. She got very excited at the flashing ones and Mommy got very excited about the learning ones. She even gave the train Grandma and Grandpa McFarlane gave her kisses. She had fun with her friends and got an adorable birthday hug from Tristan. We're so proud of the wonderful little girl she is. She's growing up so fast and we're so blessed to be her parents. She's brought so much joy to our lives for this first year, and we're so grateful for her. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


April 10th was Audrey's first Easter egg hunt. We were so excited to take her to Melanie and Tony's house for it and she had a blast. She learned how to put an object inside a bag, which was very excited for Mommy. She was able to wear the cute dress Melanie made for her. We had a ton of fun visiting and seeing the McFarlane side of the family, so it was all around a special day.
Could this be my first Easter egg ever?

I found it!!!

Bungee jumping for Easter eggs! (Unfortunately, Audrey doesn't like grass, so she didn't actually pick it up)


Brilee's fabulous Spongebob fashion statement.

Audrey and Grandpa having some fun.

Marie and Kagen. The loons rode to the party on a motorcycle!!!! Brrr!

Hanging with Uncle Brian.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

More pictures.

Even if she doesn't like the taste of prunes, they're fun to smear all over the place.


Fun right after getting her hair fixed.

A moment with Mommy.

Yum, rice.

Little Angel.

Having a not-so-angelic moment.

Once more the little angel.

Whatcha doing?

Rough day.

Hanging out with Grandpa.

Ooh! Now we're talkin'!

All the McFarlane cousins!

With Grandma and Grandpa.

More pics!

Samuel with Ryder and Audrey.

He's not hungry.

Happy Birthday dear, Brilee!!!!!!

Just hanging out in the living room. Mommy loves this hair-do.

Happy Birthday to Samuel!!!! He's very excited about the Office. :)

It's been a while...

Audrey just hanging out in her crib with the binky.


Ryder opening his birthday present from us. It's a piano!

Audrey getting to know Aunt Shari.

She's a happy girl on the way to Wal-Mart.
It's been an eventful few months of 2010. Audrey is starting to talk and cruise along the side of the couch. Her great-grandma Ethel gave her a little lion push toy that she loves to push around the living room. She's eating more and more solid foods, which is great. While she refuses to eat baby food, she loves potatoes, eggs and bread. We're working on the vegetables. She's getting to be such a big girl. She can say "Please, Mama, Dada, Grandma, and bird". She loves reading her lift-the-flap books with Mommy and Daddy. She can make roar like a lion, cluck like a chicken, and so many other animal noises. We're so excited to be watching this little girl in action.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Schatz

This year for Valentine's day, I decided to surprise Nicole and use the blog as a way to show her how much I love her. This way anybody in the world can look at it and know that I love Nicole.

So I chose the best song that I can think of to describe her. I hope that as she reads the poem I wrote for her, and listens to the song that should be playing right now, she will know that she truly means the world to me. Here is the poem. (Reminder I'm at about a third grade poem level, I'm working on it.)
My Schatz
Valentine's day has come once again,
What better way to celebrate than to reflect on back then.
Back then I was young and loved mostly sports,
But you were so patient while I played on the court.
I would try and be cool and make the tough shots,
In hopes of you watching and thinking I like him lots.
Back then I returned from a mission and knew,
That someday I'd like to go on a date with you.
But I was awkward and shy, and most likely goofy,
Yet you dealt with me well and we saw a good movie.
Back then we went on a few more little dates,
Yet somehow I blew it and we both had to wait.
I went to school for a summer in Germany,
Then you prepared for your mission west to Cali.
Back then a couple years had already gone by,
From our first date to the first time we went to Manti.
That little trip changed my life and everything in it,
We spent the whole day together but only felt like a minute.
Back then we started to fall madly in love,
And I know that I felt guiding hands from above.
Alas, I waited to long for the love and the laughter,
So we planned on you leaving and continuing after.
Back then I remember missing you so much,
But I knew that it was right even without your touch.
So I waited and waited and longed for the day,
That we could snuggle in the front yard and just lay.
Back then I was willing to wait months for your return,
But tragedy struck and my emotions took a turn.
My dearest grandma was taken so she wouldn't have to suffer,
And not having your comfort made life even tougher.
Back then you came home after much prayer and thought,
To make my life complete, and to tie the knot.
So we wed before Christmas on the 22nd of December,
And since then each day has been even better.
Right now my love for you is greater than ever,
Yet somehow I think tomorrow will be better.
We now have the absolute most beautiful baby,
And I'm the luckiest man to have you as my lady.
So to you I say thank you, I think you're first class,
I love you and want you to say you'll always be my Schatz.
I love you Nicole. Happy Valentine's Day.
Love, Samuel