Thursday, April 22, 2010


April 10th was Audrey's first Easter egg hunt. We were so excited to take her to Melanie and Tony's house for it and she had a blast. She learned how to put an object inside a bag, which was very excited for Mommy. She was able to wear the cute dress Melanie made for her. We had a ton of fun visiting and seeing the McFarlane side of the family, so it was all around a special day.
Could this be my first Easter egg ever?

I found it!!!

Bungee jumping for Easter eggs! (Unfortunately, Audrey doesn't like grass, so she didn't actually pick it up)


Brilee's fabulous Spongebob fashion statement.

Audrey and Grandpa having some fun.

Marie and Kagen. The loons rode to the party on a motorcycle!!!! Brrr!

Hanging with Uncle Brian.

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