Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trip Down South

This past weekend Audrey and Nicole went with Grandma Kaye and Auntie Kirsten to visit the family on the Rez. We were able to hang out with the family and play some Boggle and Yahtzee. (Major forms of bonding in the middle of nowhere). Nicole was able to reconnect with a couple old friends, which meant a lot. Audrey and Nicole got sick on the trip so it was a little shorter than originally planned. We're still glad we went.
Cheeeeeese!!!! (The happy mood only lasted for about an hour and a half of the 8 hour drive)
Audrey waiting for the doctor at the hospital. We had a little scare while she was crying, but she's totally fine. She just had a bigger temper tantrum than normal.

Hangin' out waiting for the cookout to begin.

Saying good-bye to her chei, Grandpa Jimmie.

Great photo-op with Nicole's Nali Elizabeth.

I'm so glad we were able to get this shot of my dad and both his kids and his granddaughter. He looked good and it was nice to see him.

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